Special Events

Year 3/4NPJR/ST Chinese New Year

For this half term's Medal Day the children were treated to a day full of Chinese treats.

Family Cooking Workshop

Parents were invited in to take part in a family cooking workshop. On Friday 19th January, 9 parents, grandparents and children took part in a Cooking Workshop. The workshop was run by a qualified chef. The parents and children cooked a Vegetable Shepherd’s Pie and for desert, a Yoghurt and Vanilla Eton Mess. All involved thoroughly enjoyed it and was able to take the food home. Here are some of the comments made by parents, “Very good session, really great leader” “Jorja enjoyed cooking with mum and

Visit by Prima Wind Quinter

Prima Wind Quintet came to school to perform in our assembly. This was to get children interested in live music who may not have seen or been interested before. It was a fun and interactive way to teach them about the five instruments in a wind quintet. Any children wanting to play musical instruments can have lessons which cost £1 and are held on Saturday mornings at Christ with All Saint's Music school in Heaton Norris. See Mr Waddington for more information.

Year 6 Car Wash

To raise money for their end of year production, Year Six carried out several fundraising events including a staff car wash.

Gardening Club

On a Monday afternoon a selection of children take part in a Gardening Club. Here is a video of them attending to the allotments.

Meeting about the KS1 Tests

On Friday 28th April the Y2 teachers met with parents to talk about the Key Stage One tests.

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Medal Day Rewards

Medal Day Scoot Fit

We enjoyed playing on scooters and improving our fitness levels

Medal Day Picnic

The children had a very special medal day treat planting their beans and having a picnic on the field. It was so sunny we even had an ice lolly! Well done Nursery!


As part of our Spring 2 reward day, children made their own kites and tested them out on the playground.

Scooting Fit!

Scootfit visited school as part of our Autumn 1 Medal Day rewards. Children took part in a session which took place in the playground. Ramps and cones were laid out, pop music blasted out and children and staff took to the course. This fantastic activity was organised by Mrs Gray and thoroughly enjoyed by everyone, including Mr Henderson who did not fall off this time!

Freddy Fit inspires us to get fit!

As part of our Autumn 2 Medal Day treat, Mrs Gray organised a fitness session with Freddy Fit. The children and staff were invited to join in with a zumba style session as well as hula hooping! Children were chosen to take part in a test of strength as well a limbo session.

Beaks and Talons

As a special treat for our Spring 1 Medal Day Winners, Katie from Beaks and Talons bought Harley Davidson, her Harris Hawk, into school. The children learnt all about the hawks lifestyle before watching him fly around the playground. Thanks to Mrs Leyland for organising this fascinating activity.

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Life Skills Group

How to make pancake batter

The life skills children made their own pancakes. This is what you need to do. First you need 300 ml of milk, then you need 100g of flour and 2 eggs. Put the ingredients in a bowl and whisk until it is pancake batter. Then put in the fridge to cool down. Recipe by Bailey.

The life skills group made pancakes on Shrove Tuesday

On Tuesday the children made pancakes. They had lots of fun tossing the pancakes so that they cooked on both sides. The children could choose their own toppings they were delicious! And of course after we had finished we washed up.

We went to Marple on the train

The life skills group have been learning about time. We went to the train station and got a timetable for the trains to Marple. We used the timetable to find out what time the trains were and how long the journey took.

We are learning to tell the time

Winter Walk

The Life Skills group went on a winter walk in Reddish Vale to see if we could discover any changes that had occurred since our Autumn walk.

The Life Skills Christmas Party!

The children made a jelly and blew up lots of balloons for our Christmas party. It was lots of fun and everyone had a great time.

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Year 3/4 DL and CF

Key to Life RE Bus

Year 3/4 visited the RE Bus to take part in a workshop on the life of Jesus Christ. The children enjoyed the experience very much especially using the interactive walls which changed and revealed information when touched. It was a unique way to learn all about the key events in the life of Jesus Christ.

Times tables fun!

Bailey is learning his times tables by painting the answers in his favourite colour, purple!

Time Travellers from the Stone Age!

As part of our Stone Age to Iron Topic the children wrote open questions to ask the time travellers who visited us from the Bronze Age. Travellers were telling us how bronze had started to change their lives. Our time travellers were very knowledgeable about the past.

Visit from a Stone Age time traveller

As part of our Stone Age to Iron Topic the children wrote open questions to ask the time travellers who visited us from the Bronze Age. Travellers were telling us how bronze had started to change their lives. Our time travellers were very knowledgeable about the past.

Year 3/4 DL Class Assembly

Computing Autumn 1: Video Magic (4)

We each made a stop-frame animation using the Lego Movie app based on the adventure stories we wrote in English.

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Year 3/4 ST and NP/JR

Map Of The World

We have been learning about the seven continents of the world in Topic. Here the children used their knowledge to put together this rather large jigsaw.

Wibbly Wobbly Jelly Science Experiment

In this Science lesson, we had to see how easy it was to pick up a cube of jelly using two pencils. It was quite easy! Then we added cooking oil to the jelly and we had to see how easy it was then! The children found this quite a challenge as the cooking oil reduces the amount of friction between the jelly and the pencils. We had lots of fun trying to pick up the jelly!

Year 3/4ST Class Assembly 7th December 2017

Scoot Fit

Medal Day Reward

Adventure Story Animation 2

Another example of our fantastic animation skills.

Adventure Story Animation

An example of how well the children did when creating animations of their own adventure stories.

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