Year 4 2019/20

Year 4 enjoying their music lesson with 80's pop star Miss Marsden

We enjoyed a throwback to the 80's singing Mamma Mia

We are Gases!

In a gas, particles can move around quickly in all directions. There is a lot of space between each particle. This group worked together to demonstrate particles in gases.

We are Liquids!

This group worked together to act out the particles in a liquid! In a liquid the particles are close together but can move around each other easily. We had to move around each other staying very close to each other but moving around freely. This is our demonstration of a Liquid!!

Solids Liquids and Gases We are Solids!

We have been learning all about Changing states in Science this half term. Particles in Solids are close together in ordered rows. They move a little bit on the spot! We had to organise ourselves into rows and we had to make sure we were standing close to each other and moving slightly on the spot. Here is our demonstration of a Solid!

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Special Events 2017-18

Family Cooking Workshop

Parents were invited in to take part in a family cooking workshop. On Friday 19th January, 9 parents, grandparents and children took part in a Cooking Workshop. The workshop was run by a qualified chef. The parents and children cooked a Vegetable Shepherd’s Pie and for desert, a Yoghurt and Vanilla Eton Mess. All involved thoroughly enjoyed it and was able to take the food home. Here are some of the comments made by parents, “Very good session, really great leader” “Jorja enjoyed cooking with mum and

Visit by Prima Wind Quinter

Prima Wind Quintet came to school to perform in our assembly. This was to get children interested in live music who may not have seen or been interested before. It was a fun and interactive way to teach them about the five instruments in a wind quintet. Any children wanting to play musical instruments can have lessons which cost £1 and are held on Saturday mornings at Christ with All Saint's Music school in Heaton Norris. See Mr Waddington for more information.

Year 6 Car Wash

To raise money for their end of year production, Year Six carried out several fundraising events including a staff car wash.

Gardening Club

On a Monday afternoon a selection of children take part in a Gardening Club. Here is a video of them attending to the allotments.

Meeting about the KS1 Tests

On Friday 28th April the Y2 teachers met with parents to talk about the Key Stage One tests.

Primary Youth Speaks Competition

On Thursday, 16th February, Maddie, Zorah and Ethan from Year 6 took part in the Primary Youth Speaks Competition at All Saints Primary School.  The competition is organised by The Rotary Club of Stockport Lamplighters and gives pupils an opportunity to speak on a public platform, to formulate ideas and articulate them in an interesting style as well as developing skills of expression, presentation and appearance.

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Mr Carvalho's Nurture Group 2017-18

Inference Skills - The Day the Crayons Quit (2)

The group have been looking for clues in the text to match the appropriate feelings to each character. They have also had to share their ideas to persuade others.

Lego Vehicles

Role Models from Year 4 assisted children from EYFS to create a city for their Lego vehicles.

Inference Skills - The Day the Crayons Quit

The group have been looking for clues in the text to match the appropriate feelings to each character.

Team Building - Problem Solving

The children were set a task of getting the whole group from on point to another, however, they could only step inside hoops!

Making Prototypes

The group have been making prototypes of their electric cars to ensure they will be sturdy.

Taking Measurements 2

The group have been taking measurements in mm to accurately make prototypes of their electric cars.

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Medal Day Rewards 2017-18

Medal day picnic for Year 3/4 DL/CF

The children spent the morning on the field relaxing, playing football, making dens and exploring. We had a great time eating our huge picnic and finished off the morning with an ice pop.

3/4CF & 3/4DL Virtual Reality

Miss Farrell and Mrs Lee's classes enjoying learning about the Solar System through virtual reality on Medal Day

Chinese New Year Medal Day

For this half term's Medal Day the children were treated to a day full of Chinese treats.

Medal Day Scoot Fit

We enjoyed playing on scooters and improving our fitness levels

Medal Day Picnic

The children had a very special medal day treat planting their beans and having a picnic on the field. It was so sunny we even had an ice lolly! Well done Nursery!


As part of our Spring 2 reward day, children made their own kites and tested them out on the playground.

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Life Skills Group 2017-18

Moat Walk Park litter pick

As part of Loving Parks week the Life Skills group went to a local park and tidied up.

Our visit to Memorial park in Marple

In Life Skills we are learning about time and travelling safely. The children looked at train timetables so we could plan our journey and enjoy an afternoon in the park.

Farm finale part2

We had a great last day at the farm and will miss the animals but will hopefully see them again.

Farm finale part 1

Our last days visit to the farm was wet but we still worked hard and had lots of fun.

At the farm

Seasons - Summer

As part of our topic on seasons we went on a summer walk to Reddish Vale. Because the weather has been so hot we saw that lots of grass had dried up and turned brown and some of the leaves had started to fall off the trees.

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Nursery 2017-18

Pancake Day

We tried different toppings and ate some delicious pancakes!

Chinese New Year

We had a Chinese New Year celebration and made lanterns, decorated a dragon, danced to Chinese music with red ribbons, played in a our Chinese restaurant, made cards and lots more!

Stay and Play

Thank you so much to all of the parents who came to our stay and play sessions this half term! Your children had an amazing time sharing activities and learning with you!

Nursery Christmas Party

We had a very special visitor who came to nursery to give us some presents!

Playing and Learning in Nursery

Come and see what we've been doing in Nursery this half term!

Dental Playbox came to visit Nursery

We learnt all about our teeth with Kath from the Dental Playbox team. We sang a song, brushed the animals teeth and read a story all about Peppa Pig's teeth! We know all about looking after our teeth!

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Year 3/4 DL and CF 2017-18

How to trap a Hydra!

Miss Rowbotham taught us the signs to learn our new English text. As a class, we learnt the signs and then drew a story. This method helps us learn sentence structure.

Aqua lease Fish Explorer Technicians

Bailey and Harvey feed the fish in our tank. They check the levels of the water to make sure it’s safe for the fish.

LKS2 Sports Day

Children took part in ten events including sack race, hockey, egg and spoon and relay.

Medal Day Reward

A fun filled morning, playing games, exploring. And making dens. This was followed by a huge picnic and ice pops.

Royal Wedding Celebrations

As part of our British Values, the children spent the day learning about our Royal Family and the forthcoming wedding. Children took part in a group problem solving activity to find out who unwrapped the wedding presents. Next they wrote acrostic poems for the happy couple. Lunch was eaten picnic style in the hall before they decorated cupcakes and make celebratory mocktails. They finished off the afternoon by designing commemorative plates and making boxes for their cupcakes.

Year 3/4 DL Assembly

Our class shared their work on Ancient Civilisations

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